Friday, October 31, 2008

Chaves invites Arenas to strike a "grand bargain" on the merger of the boxes

The chairman of the Board, Manuel Chaves, yesterday launched an offer to the opposition leader, Javier Arenas, to reach a broad agreement to achieve the Andalusian merger of the boxes and get to create a great instrument for the community. The news on other websites Websites in Spanish in other languages "I'm going to invite the president of the PP in Andalucia to sit at a table to get a big boost and political, civic and social life, leading this great financial instrument," said Chaves, who denied that mergers are "political operations" , Although he reiterated that they need "a great political consensus" to carry them out. Chaves was taken by the rejection of its draft expressed in the past two days by the president of CajaGranada and by the secretary general of the PSOE Granada, who in a dual language have applauded the initiative but Chaves have unchecked the entity that is part of the of that project. In this respect, Chaves said that if any cash was un, 'is a decision we will respect "but cautioned that at this time" each one will have to assume their responsibilities. " For his part, the second vice president and Minister of Economy, Jose Antonio Grin, did not want to go yesterday to assess the rejection to the proposed merger of Granada but emphasized the times. "Until May there will be no movement," he reiterated Grin recalling that will have to wait for that date Cajasol complete its process of renewal of organs and departing on a level playing field. Cleaning From there, Grin said that the financial situation to be in May can not predict now, so it will be then, "in response to economic and financial interests, not political and parochial" when they undertake the process of merger. "We want to see a sufficient scale to benefit all citizens and, furthermore, Andalusia deserving broad goals and not stay behind what they are doing other communities like Catalonia or the Basque Country," he added. On the other hand, and then to deliver to the president of the Andalusian Parliament, Fuensanta Coves, the Community's budget for 2009, Grin ruled out as the formulas adopted by the boxes of Castile and Leon, by saying, "here we did a bank Boxes. " "The objective of a large box is a goal that is going to continue for the Andalusian government because we understand that it is good for Andalusia," he concluded

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