Friday, October 31, 2008

Rural tourism Spaniard lost more than 3,000 visitors in September

The Spaniard is not tourism rose head. After the cascade of bad news for the sector taking place since the summer, the National Institute of Estadístisca (INE) yesterday launched a new shade for an activity that relies on the economic future of the region. In September, the third month of summer, the accommodation of rural tourism of Asturias received 14,919 passengers, 3201 fewer than in the same month of 2007, when it came to 18,120 tourists. That is, the Principality in September lost one in six customers of rural tourism. A decline which also reflected in the degree of occupation, which was a poor 16.12 percent, almost eight points less than a year ago. In addition, the community of Asturias was the 'green Spain', tourist mark he shared with Galicia, Cantabria and the Basque Country, with lower occupancy in the rural tourism establishments. The Basque region exceeded 30 percent, Cantabria was close to 24 percent and Galicia reached 18 percent. It is true that the Principality is the region with the North more seats in rural tourism, 10,476, after increasing supply in the past year in more than 1,500 seats. In all, in Asturias, there are open lodgings 1232, a figure only surpassed by Castilla y Leon and Catalonia. It also reduced the average stay of tourists, because in September 2007 remained in the lodgings of rural tourism an average of three and a half days, while in September this year the average was 3.16 days, above, yes, the national average, which was 2.84 days. The vast majority of customers are Spanish, as they joined the 14,205 tourists, 95.2 percent of the total, while only 715 were accommodated foreign tourists. As usual, Castilian-Leon and Madrid were the main customers of rural establishments in the region. In the whole of Spain was Castilla y Leon region in more tourists, 45,202, and the Balearic community with greater occupation, nearly 61 percent. The collapse of rural tourism Spaniard joins the also recorded by hotels in the region, which has depleted its customer lists and all their income during the summer months. In September, the number of tourists staying in Asturias was 167,925, which were lost in 3310 compared to the same month last year. This decline occurred in the Spanish passenger, as the foreign tourism grew slightly. The Asturias Hotel occupancy was 43.77 percent, almost four points less than in September 2007.

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