Monday, November 17, 2008

Adolfo Dominguez invests 20 million in Val da Rabeda to create 160 jobs

"The beauty is profitable." The designer and businessman Adolfo Dominguez yesterday coined another aphorism to explain the project that has led him "in very turbulent times" to buy one million square meter industrial park in the Val da Rabeda to move there all their logistics warehouses, workshops and departments of R & D. The news on other websites Websites in Spanish in other languages The vice president framed the project in the "economy with roots" Flanked by conselleira of Housing, Teresa Táboas, and the vice president of the Xunta, Anxo Quintana, drivers of industrial macropolígono that will occupy four million square meters, Dominguez explained the philosophy of his "exemplary action". "I want to adapt the architecture to the ground, not cutting down a single tree and do just as well, not better, that Anxo Quintana and his successors in Allariz," said Dominguez, from the "credibility" that gives it "does not have a reputation of nationalistic" . The employer avoided specific deadlines for this ambitious project. Only said that it will slowly with its "own" and ventured that "in ten years or sooner," all of its workshops and warehouses will be concentrated in this forest. Dominguez gloss effectiveness of the nationalist wing of the bipartisan: "It was them, and Táboas Quintana, who made possible this project that started many years ago to negotiate with the previous administration and now it will be possible and will become a milestone in the history of industrial architecture in Galicia. " And if Allariz is the model, the designer, in a lengthy disquisition on "the protection of the environment, landscape and respect for the land," showed the example of what not to do in town planning. "Vigo is a heavenly spot, special, but they are clearly raw and made a city without concern for the environment in which it is." The businessman asked, almost instantly, which was not used the phrase to make headlines, and interpreted that what was intended to say is that "Vigo could be Venice" and elaborate on his idea that "beauty is profitable in the long run" . It was precisely the conselleira of Housing who detailed the business plans of Adolfo Dominguez SA in Val da Rabeda with an investment of 20 million euros to create 160 direct jobs and take up production line and textiles for the home. The Xunta contributes another 21 million euros to cover infrastructure and services business park. Quintana framed this business initiative as "clear example of the economy with roots" which advocates vice presidency. And he thanked Adolfo Dominguez that in times where it increases the risk of industrial relocation, has decided to "unify the lines of design and production of brand Adolfo Dominguez in the territory from here to conquer the world." The vice president stressed that in these four years have managed 16 million square meters of industrial land, rather than the four previous legislatures. But added that as important as how much is the where, as the former executive "was poly planned business in places where there was no demand." The number two of the Galician Government looked to the example and spread the signing textile Orense act as a force for tractor that other companies are also located in Val da Rabeda, the park will begin to develop as early as 2009. And he appealed to their status as Orense and Adolfo Dominguez's own in insisting that Vice has a plan for the province based on the principle mourn less and act more in order to seek synergies with Vigo and act as a bridge between Portugal and the Plateau .