Monday, November 17, 2008

The recession lurks a GDP that grew by only 0.1% in the third quarter

Galicia's economy is on the brink of paralysis, and is only kept in motion by the particular retardant effect that the crisis is the same in the rest of Spain. According moved yesterday Galego Statistical Institute, Galicia grew in the third quarter of this year, a tenth, a meager 0.1%, the Xunta makeup yesterday to underline that the rate so far this year stands at 1, 6%, seven tenths more than the entire state. Although the increase exceeds that of Galicia in Spain, GDP continues to moderate autonomy, as in the second quarter was the advance of 2, 4 per cent, eight points on the period from July to September. In addition, we must remember that the community a year ago was growing at a pace of 4, 2 percent. The data, bad, evidenced by the lack of realism of the official forecasts of the Xunta, which estimated growth of 3.5% this year when it approved the last Budget of the Commonwealth, a figure that had to be corrected twice to put it into 2%, over four tenths of what Galicia has grown so far this year, in the absence of the last quarter. Disparity of views From the opposition, the popular Alberto Sueiras reproached that beyond the official data, "the fact is that every citizen takes months Galicians suffer from the adverse effects of the crisis to complacency and indifference of the Executive widespread bipartisan." "The data today called attention to the speed with which worsened the economic situation in Galicia" because "their growth was reduced by half in just six months". Thus, according to the PP, the Commonwealth rose to grow by 3.2 percent on-year to finish the first quarter of this year to be placed on an 1.6 by the end of the third quarter of 2008. For the government, the glass is half full. The viceportavoz of the PSOE in Parliament, Xaquín Fernandez Leiceaga, accused the PP of returning to "invoke the catastrophism" to put the Galician economy to the brink of recession, while considered that seemed to irritate the people's positive differential of the Community Regarding the national average. The president of the Xunta, meanwhile, said today that the positive differential growth of the Galician economy 'lets face the future and the present with greater confidence and solvency. " Emilio Pérez Touriño recalled that grew up in Galicia era of prosperity, and maintains that this positive growth in the current economic situation. He also announced that the next day 25 will appear in Parliament to give an account of the situation of crisis.

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