Thursday, November 6, 2008

Aguirre seeks support from the PSOE to control Caja Madrid

The president of Madrid, Esperanza Aguirre, decided yesterday to minimize the step in the dispute over control of Caja Madrid it maintains with its perennial rival, Mayor Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón. Aguirre wants to get rid of the entity's president, Miguel Blesa, which has convened an electoral process to renew their charge. For this reason, the president announced that it would amend the Law of boxes to reduce the mandates of its executives. And yesterday chose to wait, instead of adopting the regulatory reform, as announced this week. Esperanza Aguirre DEPTH Born: 03-01-1952 Place: (Madrid) Miguel Blesa de la Parra DEPTH Born: 1947 Place: (Linares) See full coverage The news on other websites Websites in Spanish in other languages The reason is that Aguirre wants to go of the hands of the Socialists, although it does not need their votes in the House regionally. "When you have developed and discussed with the Socialist Party, will present the project", warned yesterday the regional vice president, Ignacio Gonzalez. Apologized that the project is not yet shaped so as not to forward the new rules. Sources from both parties suggest that the agreement goes through the Regional Chamber has more weight to elect the directors of the entity, to the detriment of the municipalities. Thus, the two major parties in Madrid (PP and PSOE) would be spread proportionally counselors and increase its control over the entity. With legal reform intended to paralyze the electoral opened by Blesa, which is supported trade unions and advisers related to Gallardón. Advertising by Google What's this? Apartments in Madrid Rent for days, weeks or months. Elegant, clean and equipped. Basque Socialist PSE-EE Socialist Basque Euskal Sozialistak Economy in 10 of 17 previous next

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