Thursday, November 6, 2008

Industrial production falls in the region up 8.6% in September

Entrepreneurs Castilla yLeón portend a decline in orders in coming months 07.11.08 - NORTH / EFE VALLADOLID / MADRID Vote 0 votosOpina View comments (0) Print Send Rectify Collapse Sends the news Fill out the fields below to send this information to others. Email sender name Email recipient for Send Clear Close to correct the news Fill in all fields with your information. Name * Email * * Send field obligatorioBorrar DATA Fall: The Industrial Production Index (IPI) in the community falls 8.6% in September compared to the same month of 2007, representing 4.1 points on average. So far this year: The fall of the IPI in Castile and Leon in the first nine months was 8.1%. Sectors: the largest impact on the production and distribution of electricity, gas and water and also the industry manufacturera.La industrial production fell last September in Castilla and León 8.6% over the same month of 2007, 4.1 points that the rising national average, which reached 4.5%. In the first nine months of the year, the Industrial Production Index (IPI) decreased by 8.1% this community over the same period of 2007. By industrial sectors, the fall of Castile and Leon is more pronounced in the production and distribution of electricity, gas and water (12.2%), while manufacturing fell by 8.1% and quarrying 2.6 %. The spokesman of the Board, Jose Antonio de Santiago-Juarez, described as "wrong information" the decline in the IPI in the region, given the weight that here is the automotive sector. Industrial production fell in September in 11 autonomous communities, especially in Aragon, Asturias, Murcia and Valencia, which experienced declines in excess of 9.5%, five points higher than the national average. According to data made public by the National Institute of Statistics, in the whole of Spain ProducciónIndustrial Index (IPI) in September saw a decline of 4.5% over the same month last year, while the average for the first nine months fell by 3.7%. In addition to the fall of Aragon (-9.9%), Asturias and Murcia (both -9.7%) and Valencia (-9.6%), the IPI also went down significantly in Castilla y Leon (-8 , 6%), Spain (-7.0%) and Spain (-5.0%), all above the national average. There were also declines in Castilla La Mancha (-4.3%), Extremadura (-1.4%), Baleares (1.3%) and Madrid (-1.1%). By contrast, this index increased in Navarra (5.6%), the Basque Country (4.5%), La Rioja (3.9%), Canary Islands (0.8%) and Cantabria and Galicia (both 0, 4%). Mistrust Moreover, perceptions of the entrepreneurs of Castile and Leon on the evolution of the economy, reflected in the Survey of Business Opinions issued by the Board, forecast that over the next few months will keep falling orders, investment and industrial production, services and construction. Data for the third quarter of 2008 also reflect a deterioration in the perception of the economy with regard to previous months, especially in the construction sector.

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