Thursday, November 6, 2008

Gas Natural buys on the stock market another 3% of Fenosa

Gas Natural already controls another 3% of the electricity Union Fenosa. The gas is committed to acquire that percentage of the company that still controls ACS through derivative contracts (equity swaps) negotiated with the bank ING, said yesterday that such participation to the CNMV. Gas Natural has been launched to purchase shares of Fenosa in stock market by taking advantage coming quoted well below the 18.33 euros per share expected to be paid in the takeover bid (OPA) on 100% of the capital. Company: NATURAL GAS (Gas Natural SDG SA) Company: UNION FENOSA (Union Fenosa) The news on other websites Spanish-language websites in other languages Gas Natural already had 9.9% of Fenosa, in addition to the purchase commitment to the CAM of another 5.15%. In the agreement with ACS Natural Gas, also contained a commitment to purchase the remaining 35.3% is held by the group builder in the competition authorities give the green light and the gas can launch the IPO by 100%.

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