Friday, November 14, 2008

Renault paralyze activity at factories in Valladolid and Palencia

The overall situation of the automotive market and the sharp decline of the European market, a fifteen per cent will be the cause of stopping the activity of the Renault factory in Valladolid Palencia and body assembly. According to a communique sent by the company, the plant Palentine suspended its activity for 14 days, with the ability to adjust to the up or down depending on market developments, while the bodywork assembly in the province of Valladolid stop for eleven days adat their production to market demand.

The stops, to be implemented by applying days of bag / ERE will occur on 20 and November 21, 24 to 28 of the same month, and on other days determined by the case of Palencia. While in Valladolid will cease activity on Nov. 21 and 24 to 28 of the same month. Similarly, other stops are planned in different factories of the Group, namely, that of Dacia Pitesti (Romania), Flins (France) and STA (France).

The communique from the company suggests that the decision to stop the factory is due to the overall situation of the market, "which has forced the company to conduct a rigorous monitoring of stocks of Renault during the fourth quarter of this year." It also noted that tracking stocks will enable Renault to reduce the impact on the finances of the company and at the same time increase the competitiveness to face the current global crisis in the automobile sector.

Oscar Lopez criticized the Board

The secretary-general of the PSOE PSCyL, Oscar Lopez, revealed yesterday that while the President of the Generalitat, Jose Montilla, has taken the lead in the crisis of the company Nissan in Catalonia, of the Castilla y Leon, Juan Vicente Herrera, has left "the actor" on the future of Renault in the hands of the central government.

Lopez said during a news conference, which is not critical, but it shows that few take the initiative and not others, in reference to Montilla has announced that he will travel to Japan to meet with the top executives of the multinational on the status of the plant in Barcelona.

However, he acknowledged that the situation at Renault is not "as bad" as that of Nissan. But he insisted the Catalan president "has taken the lead", whereas here it requested the central government to fix it. Precisely, said the PSOE "has been moved" to seek the intervention of the Ministry of Industry, whose owner, Miguel Sebastian, met in Paris with the president of the group's diamond. In this regard, also revealed that he himself had had a meeting with the president of Renault in Spain who offered the cooperation of the Socialists of Castile and Leon and the government in finding a solution for the future of the plant in Valladolid.

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