Monday, November 3, 2008

More than 70 architects have visited San Marcos to participate in its reform

The works will commence in the first half of 2009 and will cost over 30 million Martinez advanced the construction of a palace of congresses to boost tourism business Maria Jesus Muniz lion More than 70 teams of architects from around the country have already visited the building in San Marcos to develop projects with which participate in the contest called for reform of the building, a "veritable avalanche" which according to the president of Parador, Miguel Martinez, demonstrates the interest in participating in the redevelopment of the historic building. Martinez filed yesterday in Leon the strategic plan of the public company for the next four years, in the province through the reform of the buildings of Leon and Villafranca del Bierzo. An investment that around 40 million euros, more than 30 for the Hostal de San Marcos. To this figure must be added the cost of conducting the spa area in the parador, a work that is already awarded. The works of refurbishment of the historic building, as well as that of Villafranca, will begin in the first half of next year, in the first batch of measures provided by the plan, which has a total cost of around 170 million euros. The Parador de Leon is all over the country who will receive a financial contribution higher. Miguel Martinez also said the proposal to endow the Parador de San Marcos in a palace of congresses to boost the tourist business in the city. "This is adapting the business model of the network of paradores to the needs of tourists today, and the potential of these buildings," said the chairman of the public company. Martinez presided over yesterday in Leon the first of the meetings that remain in the various areas of management of the national network to communicate to managers of the establishments the basic lines of the strategic plan. Leon yesterday brought together the heads of Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria, Castilla y Leon and La Rioja. 500 jobs The manager of the public company noted that before the end of the year, the national network will hire 250 new workers, and that the deadline for implementing the strategic plan will create another 500 jobs to be added that there will be indirect. Jobs will be 'quality, based on training, promotion of equality between men and women and stability. " 84% of the jobs in paradores have permanent contracts. In addition, with this philosophy is intended to back the professionalism, and "attract and retain the best talent." Miguel Martinez noted that the major objectives of the strategic plan focuses on promoting a prestige brand in domestic and international markets, and maintain the loyalty of its customers. "So this time precisely crisis, it is appropriate to consolidate and improve the network. So we will be ready to compete better when the economic recovery. " The Strategic Plan from Paradores de Turismo 2009-2012 has been marked as targets preserve and enhance the value of historic buildings and monuments which are located in many of these hotels, but also providing them with the latest technologies and advances in comfort. History, nature and cuisine are three values to strengthen, while the visa concept of "green parador, which puts on the sustainability and rational use of energy. "This is adapting the business model of the network of paradores to the needs of tourists today, and the potential of these buildings"

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