Monday, November 17, 2008

Banco Popular, Bancaja and Pastor head of the creditors Tremona

Banco Popular, Banco Pastor Bancaja and the entities with which the group Tremona, which has requested an arrangement with creditors, has assumed greater debt, 200, 100 and 95 million euros, respectively. According to estimates of the real estate promoter, the bank debt it has with a syndicate of 16 financial institutions amounted to 1,000 million euro, which has failed to refinance with what they called the contest. In the list of creditor banks Tremona also include La Caixa and Caja Castilla-La Mancha, with 80 million euros each, the CAM, with 75 million, CajaSur (58 million), Caixa Galicia (47 million), Cajamar (40 million), Caixa Catalunya (37 million) and Banco Sabadell (31 million). Rounding out the syndicate of banks financing the group BBVA and Caja Madrid, with 30 million euros each; Caja Cantabria, with 20 million boxes Spain (16 million) and Caja Sol, with 15 million. These data, however, will have to be ratified by each of the entities, since yesterday, the Banco Pastor said that in July of last year's debt Tremona with the entity was 76 million euros and at the moment is "Significantly lower". Most of the bodies confirmed yesterday that the amounts owed by Tremona are provisioned, so the impact on delinquency ratios is virtually nil. The application of competition affects the parent (group Tremona), a PR Hotels and Lodges (the company that owns hotels) and Altating Real Estate Services (promoter). However, the group indicated that the activity of its hotels in operation is completely out of the arrangement with creditors and that the activity is normally kept in their tour. Tremona also noted that the application of competition does not stop its activities in the promotion and sale of homes, so there's no impact to its 600 employees. The bulk of the staff is employed in the management of the thirteen hotels in the group (ten of them owned). The group insisted that the work of their hotel stays normally. With regard to customers, these sources claim that the group has no outstanding housing delivery, as it does not start new projects since the middle of last year began to be felt the restriction of credit. Likewise, they indicated that neither has any problems with unpaid suppliers and subcontractors, since the bulk of its debt is contracted with banks. This information from the company contrasts powerfully with the allegations of systematic some contractors, among them one that has been expressed repeatedly in front of the headquarters of the group refused to accept promissory notes with no guarantee that, as alleged, wanted to pay Tremona

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