Thursday, November 6, 2008

The minister considers "historic" the 406 million investment in Euskadi

"It's a test already surpassed." Minister of Public Works, Magdalena Alvarez, gave yesterday resolved the problems in the expropriation of land for the construction of the AVE Basque, who earlier this year was slowed by protests from opposition groups to high-speed train. The news on other websites Websites in Spanish in other languages Alvarez acknowledges the initial problems in the system expropriator "There were problems at first, but was designed otherwise." The minister was referring as well to the change in location of the acts of lifting of the minutes of expropriation: the original intention of conducting in municipalities where it is faced with collective manifestations of anti-high-speed train, we moved on to deal with them in the offices of the central government. This has enabled Fomento has already 60% of the land of the ramp that runs the central government, between Vitoria and Bilbao (90 kilometers of the route totaling 180.5 kilometers from the railway And, as the other half is managed by the Basque government). This does not mean that it has reached agreements with the landowners affected, since they can use the fixed price and lengthen the process several years, but have permission to occupy and run the works. Magdalena Alvarez filed yesterday that the budget allocated to his ministry Basque high-speed track in 2009, totaling 220 million euros. He recalled, as he did two weeks ago to inaugurate the first heating (the union of the two fronts of a tunnel) near Vitoria, that 13 of the 18 sections of the ramp between Bilbao and Vitoria-Gasteiz are under construction (awarded or construction) and that will be reached in 2009 and to 70% when tender tranches Elorrio Atxondo-and-Abadiño Atxondo. The minister appreciated the works of the railway Y (budgeted billion in 4178, not counting the accesses to the three capitals and Irun) have taken a "cruising speed". The intention is that the project, which he described as "vital" for Euskadi, is operational in 2013. Alvarez publicly presented the items in his ministry for the Basque country in 2009, amounting to 406 million euros, budgets he described as "historic" and reflecting an increase of 6.75% over the current year. This amount reflects the importance we attach to the territorial and social cohesion "of the Basque Country, the minister remarked. In addition to the 220 million for high-speed, will go to the other 72 conventional rail network (modernization of facilities and removal of level crossings, mainly). In addition, 45.4 million will be invested in the three airports -30 of them to the Basques of Bilbao, and a further 46 million euros will be allocated to the ports of Santurtzi and Pasajes. In early afternoon, the minister amadrinó in Portugalete Maeztu Mary of the tug, which will be integrated into the fleet of Maritime Rescue of the Cantabrian. He shall be responsible auxiliary vessels with difficulties involved in the rescue of shipwrecked, and fire fighting at sea and marine pollution

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