Thursday, November 6, 2008

Ikea has no project closed in Paterna or Alfafar

Alfafar Parc argues signed a contract with the company for its location M. Alberola - Valencia - 07/11/2008 Vote Result 0 votes "Ikea has not closed any project in the region of Valencia." It's that blunt was the spokesman for the multinational Swedish furniture to be required by this newspaper, stressing that the Comunidad Valenciana is "a strategic enclave" for the company, as evidenced by the fact that the Valencian spent the past year 50 million in their stores located in other communities. The news on other websites Spanish-language websites in other languages Juste doubt of the document and the Swedish company neither denies nor affirms Paterna and Alfafar are two of the possible locations where the company is working in the metropolitan area of Valencia, although there are "other". When the balance seemed inclined toward Paterna, yesterday the Association of International Urban Alfafar Parc, which promotes a shopping center with a total area of 223,200 square meters and an investment of 120 million euros, said it has signed a contract with the Swedish multinational since July 2005 to settle in this space as a locomotive business. According explained yesterday the representatives of this future park, being held working meetings with frequent Ikea to reach their needs in this space to be built "to the extent of Ikea." The multinational, as indicated, has set aside 45,000 meters with a floor of 36,000, accounting for 35% of the area's commercial fleet, and will have a 1,800 parking spaces. However, the minister of Industry, Bethlehem Juste, who has in the negotiations between the Valencian furniture and the multinational as well as with the City of Paterna said yesterday that "much doubt" that Alfafar Parc has a signed contract with the company to settle there. According to Juste, the group may have "an agreement, an agreement or a statement of intent", but expressed doubts that this is a contract. It also doubted that the drivers of licensed commercial center, since the commercial approval depends on his department. On this point, Ikea was very cautious and avoided confirm or deny whether it is a contract or a preliminary accord, and said that he is "working on Alfafar and in other locations," although his participation in this new shopping complex "is conditional that the project has all permits and have all the paperwork resolved. " Following the partial approval of the plan and the proposed development by the City of Alfafar, the Association of International Urban Development presented a traffic plan, which has been contrasted with another made by the council. Now, the project depends on final approval of the plan and part of the business license, which belong to the Generalitat, but also the Ministry of Public Works may request some details because the entrances to the center are produced from the highway. The promoters, who hope to inaugurate the park and a half years, ruled out that the fact that Paterna is governed by the PP and Alfafar by PSPV-PSOE could have some influence on the bet of the Generalitat, the one that has the final word on licensing. "I do not think that politics descend to such extremes," he said yesterday, the architect of the center, Anthony English. Mariola Ferrer, a member of the board of directors of the group, said that relations are excellent with both the City Council Alfafar with counseling for Urban Development and Industry. "We have a park and we are not politicians," settled. Ikea also cleared if deck open two stores in the area of Valencia (in Alfafar and Paterna), as it has done in the metropolitan Madrid and Barcelona, although its general manager in Spain, Peter Betzel, assured the country earlier this month that the goal "for 2020 is that everyone in Spain has an Ikea less than an hour's drive." Betzel expects the first store of the multinational in the Valencian can open within three years. As for the fear that wakes the arrival of Ikea among the furniture sector, said that the presence of the Swedish multinational has to grow interest in the decoration and furniture. According stressed, the company is working in Spain with 20 vendors, some of whom are from Valencia. "The furniture industry is very powerful there and we want to help grow," he said.

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