Thursday, November 6, 2008

Canary has the lowest wage gap between sexes

The women of the archipelago are the ones with a salary more approximate to that received by men of their community, according to data from the INE relate to 2006. However, the islands have the second lowest average wage in the country. 6/nov/08 07:18 0/4Nada interesanteDel montónInteresanteMuy interesante0 votes print edition DAY, S / C de Tenerife The archipelago is autonomy with a lower wage gap between men and women of the country, 15.4%, although it is also the second with the lowest average salary, 16431.12 euros gross per year, 6.5% less than the average in 2006, according to figures made public yesterday that the National Statistics Institute (INE). It is the third time, following 1995 and 2002, prepared in the Wage Structure Survey. The men charged in the Canaries an average of 17535.20-euro annual salary the second-lowest in the country, while the salary of women stood two years ago to 14840.03, which stood at ninth place in the country ( just a half). At national level, the average annual gross salary was 19680.88 euros in 2006, when women still earned 26.3% less than men. According to INE statistics, while men earned an average of 22051.08 euros, the women had a salary of 16245.17. The Community of Madrid, to 23622.11 euros a year per worker, then recorded the highest average salary, while Extremadura, to 15570.35, had the lowest. The wage gap between men and women stood in the reference year between 20% and 30% in almost all the autonomies. The survey includes for the first time the variable of nationality, although the INE warns that only 6.3% of workers in the sample are foreigners, so that the results should be taken with caution. They suggest that workers in North America and the European Union had a higher than average wages, while those of other nationalities in Spain earned salaries between 25% and 35% lower. Economic activity increased with average pay was in financial intermediation, to 38351.18 euros per worker per year, a 94.9% higher than the national average, followed by the production and distribution of electricity, gas and water, 33488.2 euros, a 70.2% increase. The hotel, with 13394.6 euros a year, and trade and reparation, to 17333.75 euros, were the activities with lower pay, 31.9% and 11.9% less than the average wage, respectively. Financial intermediation was also the activity that paid the highest salaries for women, and the hospitality of the lowest, although in both cases were below those of men. Workers with temporary contracts had a salary lower than the 32.6% of the contracts, while university graduates were paid 64.2% more than the average.

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