Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Seat of ERE leave unemployed workers to a maximum of two months

The Government authorizes the setting for 4,500 temporary employees. - Nissan calls an aid to manufacture electric car in Barcelona A. MARS / S. THE ARC - Barcelona / Madrid - 07/11/2 Vote Result 0 votes Seat already has the green light to suspend the contracts of 4,500 workers at its plant in Martorell by the fall in output. The temporary cutback will leave home at least 750 workers a day between November and July 31 2009, but will be implemented in four tranches between November and December, 750 people for 50 days, others five days in 1969 during the stop a line, since 1783 for 19 days by the shutdown of another. And between January and July, about 750 employees for 212 days. In this way, the days on which match the several lines of stops, ie the first three installments, will have 4500 workers who will not go to work at Seat. However, a rotation system to ensure that no employee passes over two months without work. The news on other websites Websites in Spanish in other languages The Labor Department yesterday approved the file Catalonian Regulatory Employment (ERE) temporary Seat "partially" considering that "the reasons invoked to adjust the pace of manufacturing to lower sales in recent months, as well as the correction the decline in their sales projections, adopting warrant this measure. " Between January and August, sold 20% less in Spain. Seat will manufacture 369,000 cars this year, 75,000 fewer than expected. The Catalan government stressed the elements of the social plan accompanying the cut: stay out of ERE workers older than 53 years, so it will not be adversely affected their pensions and those with less than a year in the company and have no right to unemployment pay, in line with what the company agreed with the unions for several weeks. In addition will complement the provision of unemployment up to 80% of salary and workers who are expected to suspend the contracts and have a positive balance of hours with the company run out this balance before the suspension. The suspensions will take place, as far as possible, with workers who are pointing voluntarily. Even so, the chairman of the company, Matias Carnero, said that the number of jobs affected is "excessive" and that it could have on sales advisory work 200.La, Mar Serna, said yesterday that this authorization does not mean a "precedent" for other firms that prepare cuts, while the CiU deputy in the Parliament Meritxell Borras was "troubling" that the Government has accepted the file. Nissan plans to introduce another file, but if any of layoffs, 1680 for employees of Barcelona after a fall in sales close to 50% in three months. Trade unions call for an industrial project that will ensure the future of the factory. In this regard, the minister of Industry, Miguel Sebastian, who met yesterday with officials of the Japanese company, explained that he wants to move in 2014 one million vehicles in Spain and green Nissan was willing to lead the project if the government " is showing signs of being taken seriously by aid and search for partners. " Sources from the Ministry of Industry explained that the Government has already made contact with energy companies to study how to implement the infrastructure for supply of electric cars. Nissan also calls for "incentives" to ensure the profitability of these vehicles at the start of their marketing, with measures such as reducing the VAT rebates to customers and support operations to the sector. Necessary measure Three working groups will study the introduction of the electric car in Spain, one of them for possible production in Barcelona, despite confirm the dismissals. "It is an absolute measure and necessary, is not a problem in the short term," he said yesterday the vice president of production for Nissan Europe, Trevor Mann, who met with Sebastian, alongside the European vice president of finance, Eric Nicolas, and the highest executive Nissan in Spain, Fumiaki Matsumoto. Mann split the future of the factory in the Zona Franca of the electric car: "It is a solution, but not the only nor the total. I know in 2010, the date on which the parent has to allocate new models from its plants. "It depends," continued the manager, "whether there are any appropriate model for Barcelona in volume and if the plant is competitive." The directors of Nissan recalled that the Japanese group "carries 25 years helping the Spanish economy and our intention is to be here in the future." They explained that since 1995, although it has received 66 million euros in grants and aid, has invested 1,400 million and has paid 650 in taxes.

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