Monday, November 3, 2008

Gasoline for less than one euro in 65% of the stations

The prices of petrol and diesel continue its downward trend of recent weeks. In two out of three petrol stations in Spain and you can buy a liter of fuel for less than one euro. The news on other websites Websites in Spanish in other languages If last Thursday, according to the oil bulletin of the EU, the average price was 1.02 per liter for petrol and 1.05 euros for diesel fuel this week data show another decline. According to data from the Ministry of Industry, on November 3 in 65% of petrol stations in Spain and 95 could buy gasoline for less than one euro. In 14% of the stations also diesel falls below that threshold. The data in less than a week ago reflected that only 41% and 6% had this rate, respectively. Albacete, Alicante and A Coruna where it is most difficult is to find lower gasoline prices, while in Vizcaya and Guipuzcoa is where it is easier.

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