Saturday, November 1, 2008

Táboas program for 15,194 flats under the area of Vigo

This is the change we want to starring in Galicia," said the vice president of the Xunta, Anxo Quintana, in the presentation of the Sectoral Plan for Housing Protexa for the area of Vigo, which will promote the construction of 15,194 flats of official protection in 15 municipalities of the area until 2017, although 80% will be realized in the first five years, according to the forecast of Housing. The news on other websites Websites in Spanish in other languages The project, a pioneer in Spain, will create a business of 4,500 million A presentation of the plan, which shared the head of the department, Teresa Táboas, and Quintana at the headquarters of the Xunta in Vigo, attended by many mayors and councilors of the area, as well as representatives of the promoters and trade union organizations. "Here there is room for everyone," he concluded to ask Quintana, a cartoon parodying Castelao, "nobody put strike before being the finished artwork." Quintana put the plan as a model "of the work of government to serve the people." After increasing the price of free housing by 146% between 1995 and 2007, the plan that was presented yesterday at Vigo was a need to plan, said Quintana, and is a pioneer, as it is the first time a state administration uses its powers to influence the market in the soil and adopt a formula which was in the law, but he needed an own rules. Of the 315 municipalities in Galicia, said Quintana, only 26 have approved an updated and urban planning, among these, not all land reserved for housing. Hence the need for the plan, which opens to the Xunta the option to generate soil for housing even in municipalities that have no overall plan for urban development. The initiative, which will implement the plan 8.7 million square meters in a hundred performances in 57 municipalities, will also, in the current crisis, as stressed Quintana, 1530 inject millions of euros in the construction sector, the which achieved a turnover of 4,500 million and generate loads of work for more than 300,000 people. "The sector plan is an opportunity for all, especially in the current crisis," he insisted Teresa Táboas: for all citizens, who may have access to housing "without this effort involves more than 30% of their income "; For the business sector, for the important niche business that will generate the development of the plan, and for local councils, which have an effective plan that ensures the development of residential land to offer to its neighbors. The "functional area" of Vigo has been delimited on the team work-residence, explained Táboas, that is, "the geographic area in which the change of residence does not imply a change of work and vice versa." In total have been selected 28 Bags of soil on the basis of social integration, sustainability, quality improvement and urban economic viability. Nine of these pockets of land are located in Vigo, which absorbs the largest volume of performances (more than 1.5 million square meters, 9375 houses and 432 million euros of investment), which canceled, in turn, the Forecasts of housing provided in the overall plan recently approved by city planning and that generated so much controversy precisely to increase the reserve of land for this purpose. The sector plan, by its nature supra, has over security and speed in implementing the municipal planning, which in general is only able to put the land available to private initiative.

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