Friday, November 14, 2008

State-Generalitat summit to address the future of the automobile

For the economic advisers of the Government collects them work. At the meeting of the group's anti Monday that the president of the Generalitat, Jose Montilla, created a few weeks ago to stem the tide of extinction records and suspension of employment, you will also next week. The Central Government and the Government held a meeting on Monday in Barcelona to address the future of the automotive sector and other issues of industrial policy.

Both executives have agreed to work together for the electric car

The event will be held at the Palau de la Generalitat at six in the afternoon and attended by Labor Minister Celestino Corbacho, the Industry Minister, Miguel Sebastian, director of the Innovation, Universities and Enterprise, Josep Huguet, and the counselor Labor, Mar Serna. Earlier, the president Montilla will meet with the four.

The meeting has been convened with the goal of both governments to work together to address the effects of the crisis. Specifically, it is expected that the workshop will focus on the future of the automotive sector. Concern about the restructuring in this sector has led the Government to ask the Government to be present in the plan for the future of the automobile which was announced by Minister of Industry, Miguel Sebastian. According to the Generalitat, this presence is already agreed on a common front to decide on the next generation of vehicles, electrical appliances.

Sebastian wants to move in 2014 one million vehicles in Spain and green Nissan, which this week confirmed its willingness to lay off 1680 between this year and next, with the presentation of two cases of regulation of employment (ERE), is ready to lead the project "whenever the government gives signs of being taken seriously with infrastructure, aid and search for partners." Three working groups will study the introduction of the electric car in Spain, one of them for possible production in Barcelona,

The wave of crisis in the automobile sector continues to spread in Catalonia. Along with Nissan and ERE for temporary suspension of Seat approved by the Generalitat, suppliers like Pirelli, Ficosa, Magneti Marelli, Delphi, Hutchinson and Estampaciones Sabadell are in trouble.

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