Thursday, November 6, 2008

Bush and Obama opened the transition

United States yesterday officially opened its period of transition. President George W. Bush gave the order for the Department of Justice authorize the team of Barack Obama access to documents and offices needed to govern the nation. The president-elect, meanwhile, appointed the team that will collect the data necessary to be ready from the first day of management. TAKING UP THE AGENDA FOR POSSESSION The first appointments Emanuel, a 'hard' to control the White House The Republican Party yesterday issued a communique in which he claimed that the appointment of Rahm Emanuel as the next chief of staff of the White House is the first promise broken by Barack Obama. The economy The civil war has ended THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN The most urgent need, to prevent recession The Democrats finalized an aid package for the automotive sector JUAN JESUS Aznárez The defeated Republicans start crossing the desert The Republican Party has lost for the first time since 1992, control of the White House and both houses of Congress in the same period. Since 2006 has no majority in the House of Representatives and the Senate. Now, after Barack Obama's victory in presidential elections, also must leave the Executive. The growing weight of minorities mark the future electoral map That the electoral victory of Barack Obama has a historical significance for blacks in America is an evidence. But they are not the only ones to live with a special intensity the election of a president different from that usually appear on dollar bills. Change in the White House The racial barrier Never more blacks ROBERTO Brodsky Berlusconi: "Obama is young, handsome and tanned" Success of the press U.S. makes queue to read the news in the newspapers Good news for newspapers. The citizens are still looking for information on paper before major events, with the news that changed the course of history. This happened on Wednesday in the U.S.. The analysis And Mississippi is not burned CARLOS MEND Felipe Calderón and his wife, Margarita Zavala, during the funeral of State for Juan Camilo Mouriño. Calderon promises to expand clarify the causes of death of the head of the Interior In front of the coffin of his dead friend, in the presence of his young widow and her three young children, the first thing that Felipe Calderón delivered yesterday was a promise: "The sad events of November 4 will clarify thoroughly.

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