Thursday, November 6, 2008

Farms Corral misses the blind in Aragon

The 12th is scheduled closure of the last office in Zaragoza, where nine employees were carrying five months without charge. Vote Result: BEATRIZ Alquézar. Saragossa If you do not need you fired, but you do not make life impossible. "This is the view of one of the nine employees Farms Corral left in Zaragoza, 60 of which came to have the signing in 16 offices, and that the property should be four months' salary. "We've been without phone or Internet, with arms folded watching the door and unable to respond to any client. Now we are lucky because there are light and heat, "he adds, and prefers not to give his name because it is awaiting trial on the claim that the money it owes the company based in Barcelona, which closed half of its offices last year. The company has not submitted any record of regulation and its president, Josep Xicola-founder who bought the Calixto Corral, continues to claim that it has no intention of reducing staff, but in recent months offices Aragon, like other Spanish have been been gradually shutting down due to non-payment of rent for the premises, some for up to one year, account for the workers. "When a complaint comes from the owner of the premises you whole," he said. That is why we know that on Wednesday, 12 days will have to leave office in the last Zaragoza (in Aragon), located on the street Alfonso. That day is planned eviction, one of which the employees live Zaragoza, which have been transferred from a local to another, grouped together. This situation has already given in Huesca and Teruel, totaling six offices. In Spain are 380 employees. The workers denounced the attitude of the company to keep them low minimum for them to leave. Many have already done so. It joins the lack of customers, with a break in the housing market. "What will I do with us" Farms Corral owed on average four or five months to all employees Zaragoza, explain. Began to suffer delays in April. "Hold on to the savings, hand miss your parents and I thank God that my husband works," says an employee. The first Delays occurred in April. While awaiting his appointment with the judge to demand unpaid wages, are still going to the office to fulfill his eight-hour workday. They ask for an explanation from the company about its future following the forthcoming closure of the last local. "We have said what they will do with us," he regretted. What we do know is that in the city of Zaragoza will not be at practice the initiative announced yesterday by the housing, through which wants to lease all of its floors, with no warranties or guarantees for tenants, in addition to offering two months' rent Free. Some concerned and called to inquire, attracted by the measure.

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