Thursday, November 6, 2008

The closure of the factory in Amorebieta Torras leaves 53 unemployed

The firm will start negotiating with bin employees next Wednesday 07.11.08 - Manuel Diaz / J. L. Galende AMOREBIETA / BILBAO Vote 0 votosOpina View comments (0) Print Send Rectify Collapse Sends the news Fill out the fields below to send this information to others. Email sender name Email recipient for Send Clear Close to correct the news Fill in all fields with your information. Name * Email * * Send field obligatorioBorrar The plant at Amorebieta Torraspapel, yesterday. / JULY CALLEJAEl announced closure of the plant in Amorebieta Torraspapel fell yesterday as a heavy blow among the 53 workers in the workforce, who are waiting to know the details of the social plan announced by the company, for which negotiations begin on Wednesday, day 12. The company reported its intentions to employees Wednesday afternoon, a day ahead of schedule, before the leak of information that had occurred throughout the day. The factory in Amorebieta, with an output of 32,000 tons of paper a year, is one of the smallest of the nine that had the group in Spain. It also plans to close the located in Algeciras (Cadiz) and the restructuring of Sarriá de Ter, in Tarragona. Torraspapel has announced its readiness to continue "the legal channels provided for this type of situation" and has pledged to negotiate a possible agreement with workers and unions, "including a social plan adequate." The company attributed its decision to the structural crisis of the global paper industry and the current economic situation. This is a decision that "considers it necessary" to secure its market position and maintain "the jobs of employees who continue linked" to it. Measure not expected The news has generated a "great uncertainty" among workers of the factory. This was explained to this newspaper yesterday Aitor, 36 years old and ten in the company, before the "commotion" which has led to the staffing issue a press release that "we did not expect." However, he pointed out that took part in the production in recent months by excess' stock 'and' had made sense "any action of this kind, especially when the closures in this sector are common currency in recent times. Given the uncertain future that are presented, employees will wait to hear the contents of the plan to make decisions. The three unions of the works-ELA, LAB-UGT and will do the same before proposing measures of protest. The squad played mobilizations between February and September of one or two hours per shift of work stoppage because of the collective agreement without achieving its objectives.

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