Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Spaniards spent a year on food and drink almost 100,000 million euros

Nearly 100,000 euros -95,854 million to be exact, is what the Spaniards spend each year to feed at a rate 1,444 euros per capita. Food and drinks account for 15 percent of the total budget for each household, although one third of this is spent away from home. On average, consume away from home as little more than three times per week. The Ministry of Environment, Rural and Marino had pulled to 28,000 senior citizens ten years on their feeding habits and the result is a study that reveals, moreover, that between April 2007 and March 2008, the most frequented have been bars and taverns with 20.8 percent of the visits. He closely followed cafés (20 percent), restaurant menu (12.4), the letter (9.6), bakeries, patisseries (7.2), vending machines (4.6) and establishments fast food (4.3). Most of these visits (61.5 percent) takes place during the week, although the disbursement is higher on weekends. A daily average expenditure per person was 3.71 euros recorded any consumer, is a coffee or a meal, which goes up on holidays to 5.31 euros. Three out of ten visits are to eat. Much of the spending extradoméstico is linked to the job, because between 18 and 44 years puts the daily incursions, due to work away from home. The products are the most sought hot drinks, soft drinks and beer. Breakfast and snacks add up the hours of 41 per cent of visits to bars and cafes. However, articles, foods and beverages that absorb more spending in local hotels and restaurants are meat (15.3 percent), beer (12.9), seafood (11), spirits high Graduation (9.4), soda (8.5) and wine (6.9). Two-thirds of the total disbursement food is done at home, 65,185 million euros. The changes in the model of family, women's work outside the home and other factors have reduced the average time spent each week on the purchase.

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