Sunday, November 16, 2008

Parent associations and Mothers in Action

SOS Pamac and Dad before a merger celebrated Yesterday, the Ministry of Equality to ask its owner, Bibiana Aido, that this department is no longer 'lilac' (color associated with feminism) and "feminist" and work for equal rights between men and women. The participants claimed banners with the "automatic custody of children" and equal rights and obligations between the parents after the breakup of the couple.
Francisco Rodriguez, president of Pamac, stated that 80% of cases of gender violence occurring in parallel with the disengagement process, which, under the law, one of two members of a marriage can "keep the house and with the children. "
For this reason, that the government should correct the error of voting which took place under the current Divorce Act, passed in 2005, because, in his view, to "pressure from the 'lobby' feminist Spanish."
New legislation
Changing the law, has continued, preventing many cases of gender violence and manipulation that parents exercise over the children to reject the other parent, with the consequence of the so-called parental alienation syndrome. The spokesman of this group said that joint custody is the best system to "ensure the interests of the child" and to combat the negative effects of divorce.
In a letter delivered to the Ministry (the minister did not receive them) demanding the implementation of a Family Law Mediation to reduce the conflict in separations, the liquidation of acquisitions for the time being, as well

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