Monday, November 17, 2008

The Generalitat and the central government seeking a pact to save Nissan

The summit-Generalitat Government to address the future of the automotive sector and the crisis in the industry ended yesterday with the agreement of both governments to coordinate to lock in the future of Nissan. Industry Minister, Miguel Sebastian, pledged before the Innovation, Josep Huguet, before December to create a working group to three bands, which also involved the multinational, that it intends to lay off workers in Barcelona 1680 Almost 40% of its workforce, by 2009. Montilla, nowadays with employers The news on other websites Websites in Spanish in other languages "As Montilla back from Japan with nothing, there will be mess," warns a trade unionist The Japanese group's main bet for the sites you have in Europe is the electric car, whose manufacturing plants choose Barcelona and Valladolid (Renault). But it is not only an issue for Nissan, nor an immediate solution. The factory in the Zona Franca is soon to suffer for his expertise in SUVs, they notice more than any other model the sharp slowdown in sales: pollute more and that is paid. Those that specialize in utilities have a few more years to come. But Huguet is convinced that the future of the automobile in Europe passes, starting in 2014, for cars that do not pollute, including low-end. And the minister also because he wants to move in that year by Spain a million green cars. For that reason, the Government intends to meet before Christmas with the nine autonomous communities that have automobile plants to address the introduction of the electric car. This was the second agreement of the meeting, which was also attended by Labor Minister Celestino Corbacho, and the Minister of Labor, Mar Serna. At the meeting, which was held at the Palau de la Generalitat for an hour, the adviser to the minister suggested the possibility that the employees affected by temporary suspension of work does not consume the unemployment benefits and may put the meter to zero, in line with the wish expressed yesterday in this regard by the secretary general of the UGT of Catalonia, Josep Maria Alvarez. Coinciding with the conclave, a thousand workers marched in the Nissan plaza Sant Jaume to reiterate that the Catalan government does not approve the record of employment regulation (ERE) from Nissan, with cries against the president of the Generalitat, José Montilla, and the highest executive of the multinational company in Spain, Fumiaki Matsumoto. The committee, which will meet again tomorrow with the leadership with the mediation of the Generalitat, reiterates that it intends to negotiate until he withdraws the Nissan ERE. Montilla deployed to the unions to use his upcoming trip to Japan to start an agreement to the multinational. "As a back empty-handed, there will be mess," said one worker. Montilla, nowadays with employers The president of the Generalitat, Jose Montilla, is meeting with business representatives from Catalonia, which will share a meal, to address the crisis and its impact on business. Fuentes de la Generalitat and assistants declined to provide further details about the meeting, which stressed their "private", and stressed his willingness to "discretion". However, it confirmed the presence of the president of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, Miquel Valls, the president of Pimec, Josep Gonzalez, and the president of Fepime, Eusebi Cima, among other entrepreneurs. The meeting between Montilla and entrepreneurs occurs 18 days after the president met with officials of the 10 Catalan savings to address the economic crisis, in that case accompanied by the Minister of Economy and Finance, Antoni Castells, and specialists financial policy in the Department of Economics

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