Friday, October 31, 2008

The PP maintains that the merger reflects the desire of the PNV to "increase its power"

The PP recovered yesterday and the speech made available to the attempts of a merger between BBK and Kutxa and directing the shot toward the "partisan interests" because, as Antonio Basagoiti said yesterday, with this operation, the PNV "only seeks to increase its power and that some politicians play a big bankers. " The president of the Basque PP wants to finish well ventilated with rumors on the same day of the birth of the new savings bank of the Basque Country and attempting to disseminate alleged support for this new entity on the part of popular leaders of Guipuzcoa and Vizcaya. The news on other websites Websites in Spanish in other languages Ortuzar said that his party had made a "professional" "The merger has been a takeover of the box Guipuzcoa," Good complaint With this crucial position, the PP aborted given the opportunity, though without much conviction, negotiators from the sectors of Kutxa about a possible grant of the requested vote is still needed for the merger to go ahead at the next general assembly of the entity Guipuzcoa . Basagoiti argues: "Nobody put us on the table in what is going to benefit [the merger] to traders, the self-employed, businesses, employment or investment in Alava and Guipuzcoa." Since the sector directly alluded to the accusations by the PP, Andoni Ortuzar, president of the BBB, reiterated that the PNV "looks very favorably with" the integration of BBK and Kutxa, while regretting the position of the PSE-EE, "which has prevented the integration of three. " But it argued that the attitude of his party was caused by a "purely professional and banking." He also used the analysis to place in the aftermath of the autonomic March when integration of the Caja Vital, "because behind the socialist position there is an obvious fear of electoral consequences that a decision of this style could cause them in Alava ". In reaction to the merger yesterday, the third deputy general of Biscay, Jose Luis Bilbao, to delve into his stance in favor of integration into three bands. In fact, warned that its exclusion "can lead to problems in the future to Caja Vital, because with its size in the medium term it may be difficult to be able to remain competitive." Los socialistas, por su parte, consideran, según el coordinador de sus parlamentarios vascos en el Congreso, Miguel Buen, que la fusión a dos es, en realidad, "una absorción de la caja guipuzcoana por la vizcaína", que tildó de "mala "For the country, while recommended to the boards of BBK and Kutxa" not sell the skin before the bear hunt ", recalling that still remain to be resolved step in the assembly of the box Guipuzcoa. According to the Caja Vital, Good continues the line of Gregory Red and says that "obviously will continue working and will continue to have cooperation" with the future cash merged. Perhaps the main criticism of the position of PSE-EE and PP came yesterday Eusko Alkartasuna (EA). Its leader, Unai Ziarreta, argued that those parties "have in Álava their particular field of battle to see which of the two political formations with more ardor defend the maintenance of the Caja Vital as a separate entity for fear of losing votes." Ziarreta, who requested the future of the Basque Country Savings Bank, which extended to their customers within their mortgages at no cost to them, stopped paying particular attention to the position of the Basque socialists. Accused them of "putting fear" to Gipuzkoa by sending 280,000 brochures criticizing the merger process between the two boxes. "Basque society does not understand the position of the PSE and its representative Patxi Lopez, when Economy Minister Pedro Solbes, and the Bank of Spain are pushing in the Spanish fusion cages, and the PSE is opposed to this same fusion here, "remarked the leader of EA.

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