Friday, October 31, 2008

Labor wants reductions of unemployed fixed contracts with family

Everything in turn, in order of appearance. The current economic crisis began in the financial sector, and then came the real economy. So in chronological order, the government began to take measures to help the financial sector and now it's time for the real economy. And after the dramatic rise in unemployment in recent months (just over a year has risen from 8% to 11.3%), has decided to start with employment. The meeting maintained that the Ministry of Labor last Thursday with the social partners put forward four proposals to revive the labor market, according to union sources. The news on other websites Websites in Spanish in other languages The ministry proposes aid for new jobs in R + D + i and renewable The first measure, if adopted, would mean that companies who hire the unemployed indefinitely with dependents will benefit from an annual bonus of 1,500 euros, but without specifying for how many years. This amount would only be less than those received by employers who hire the handicapped. The other groups have a bonus of 1,200 euros. The other measure aims to promote the change of economic model, as it proposes aid for companies that generate jobs related to research and development and renewable energy. From the same sources said that this union is, well defined, it is very ambiguous and is detailed. The third government initiative seeks to encourage self-employment. To do so suggests that the unemployed who choose to start a business plan to charge 60% (now at 40%) of their total unemployment benefit. This measure was adopted last September by the Congress of Deputies by a draft bill no. The last point sets its aim on regulation of employment records. Labor puts on the table an old matter, regulation of the role of business in this issue of redeployment. These first steps, which have yet to detail and agreed upon at the negotiating table, they found response from unions, which proposed to increase the protection of unemployment, even for those who exhaust the benefit and the benefit. They called for a plan of direct recruitment by the administration and the training and employment for the groups most affected by the increase in unemployment in recent months. This follows a meeting on Monday maintained that the president of the Government, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, with the top business and union representatives. In it, Zapatero said, in addition to employment, families and industry as a target for urgent action to alleviate the current economic crisis, and of course the recession. With regard to families, the Government is considering adopting a grace period on payment of mortgages that have entered the unemployed. By contrast, yesterday's Vice President of the Government, Maria Teresa Fernandez de la Vega, avoided the anti confirm that the executive deck. "As soon as they are defined and completed, will be known," he said. And on the possibility that at the end of the year, confirming the economic recession in Spain, after hearing about the negative growth in the third quarter of the year, said: "do not advance events." He also recalled the "sanitized" of the Spanish financial system and the strength of public accounts. The People's Party, meanwhile, warned that the current economic climate resulting in a "social fracture" that affects directly to "unemployed workers and families," according to his spokesman said in the Congress of Deputies, Soraya Saenz de Santamaria. In addition, Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya and the United Left coincide with the PP that the recession is just around the corner, they are asking for action. CiU stated that while the economy is sick and claimed an anti-plan.

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